Google Keep: A Must have App, Share ideas with friends and family

Sticky notes on coolers were before the favored approach to say, "We're out of bread - might you be able to lift some up?" Now with Google Keep, not just would you be able to scribble down thoughts or set up together shopping records, you can likewise impart them to loved ones and take a shot at them in the meantime. So next time you make a rundown, offer it on Keep and look as things get weighed off progressively! No requirement for instant messages over and over again accomplish things together, faster.

Hunting down your notes is more straightforward now as well. You can channel notes by color and different properties, for example, whether they're imparted, have an update, are records, or have a picture or sound. Discover what you're searching for significantly quicker, and let Keep do the recollecting for you.

Google Keep is accessible free of charge on Google Play for your Android phones (Android 4.0, Dessert Sandwich or more). For existing clients, the imparting gimmick will begin taking off today on Google Play and is as of now accessible on the web and the Chrome Web Store.