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How to Play the Hidden Chess Game on Facebook Messenger

Did you know that you can play Chess on Facebook? Well, on Facebook Messenger to be exact. It is a hidden command that can be triggered with @fbchess but be warned it is a very tedious way to play an online chess game.

How to Turn Off Auto-Correction in Android Keyboard

How to Turn Off Auto-Correction in Android Keyboard

In this post i will guide you, How to turn off Auto-Correction in you Android phone/tablet. You almost everytime hate the fact that your phone is going English teacher mode on you.

How to Add Multiple Google accounts

Google accounts

In this article i will guide you, How to add multiple Google accounts in your Android Phone/Tablet. Below are few simple steps to follow.

How To Check For Android System updates.

How to update android

In this Article i will guide, how to Check and Update your Android phone software in few simple steps. Follow the steps given below to check and update your Android Phone and Tablets.

How to turn of the Auto-Update of PlayStore apps

How to close upoate in android

There is a frustrating moment which almost every Android user experience is that whenever you connected to the WiFi or internet data, Playstore apps

ProView S3 : Stabilizer for Larger Smartphone

Words from the Inventor.

ProView S3 is the most affordable 3-axis stabilizer capable of handing 4.7" to larger size 5.7" screen smartphone with 4K video recording capability.

ASAP Dash: World's Fastest Pocket-sized Charger


ASAP Dash claimed to be the worlds fastest Pocket-sized mobile charger. Here is review of the ASAP Dash Below.