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Get the coolest and greatest Color Gravity game on your android smartphone or tablet for FREE now. Color Gravity is the latest and coolest ball jump game on the play store. The main objective of this addictive arcade game is to guide your ball and let it pass it through the shapes with the same color of the ball without hitting any other color shape. But, keep in mind that the color of the ball will change many time if you hit the color circle, so once you get the new color, you don't need to pass through a shape with other color than yours. The game will get harder as your progress on it, but you need to show your reflection and speed skills to score the highest possible score in this addictive endless Color Gravity game.
Sounds easy, but can you really do it and jump highly with the ball without any mistake?

Why you need to download and install Color Gravity on your android smartphone or tablet instead of other color ball games?
✓  We made some Cool and smooth high quality shapes and awesome colors to give you the best experience while playing the greatest shapes and colors game ever! You will enjoy this endless game!
✓ Our ball jump game is FREE and it will stay Free for life, so there is No hidden fees, no special members and no annual subscription to enjoy the best arcade game ever!
✓ Fantastic theme graphics and immersive sound effects. We took design seriously and we want our users to enjoy this game immensely.
✓ It comes with 45 levels.

What are you waiting for ? Download Color Gravity now and start playing the best free addictive game to tickle your brain!

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Ball Jump is the most vibrant addictive brain challenging game! This game will let you think ahead before you make any jump with the ball while playing this puzzle game.
The objective of this game is to let the ball jump and pass through obstacles to complete each level and go to the following one. But, keep in mind that there’s no time limit, so you can take as much as time as you want to finish each level perfectly without mistakes. Sounds easy, but can you do it and complete 50 brain challenging level within Ball Jump without hitting any obstacle?

Why you need to download and install Ball Jump on your android smartphone or tablet instead other jumping games?

✓ The game has been selected to give the best user experience and make it an addictive jumping game.
✓ Nice interface.
✓ The game become harder as your progress on. But, don't give up and try to finish each level without hitting obstacles. Be careful with all red things they can kill you.

✓ We care about you and that's why we made our gameplay very easy to play, The ball will jump automatically and you can touch/ hold to right/left to move!

✓ Our addictive game is FREE and it will stay Free for life, so there is No hidden fees, no special memberships and No annual subscription fees to challenge your brain.

50 levels:
✓ We created 50 levels of challenges! Try to complete them all!

Brain Challenging:
✓ This game is for intelligent people who want to challenge their brain playing a fun game.
✓ Perfect for time killing, leisure, jump, brain challenge, brain training, brain challenging, bonding with family and friends. Good for kids too.
Have fun with friends and others!

For Anyone:
✓ Jump Ball is a free ball bounce game and it can be played by Kids, Adults and Teens. Your whole family can play it!

✓ Share your high scores on leaderboard to challenge other players. Make sure your internet connection is enabled.

What are you waiting for? Download our game Now and Enjoy playing the best bounce ball game ever!
We are always striving to provide the best user experience for our players. We are also looking for your suggestion or recommendation. Please, feel free to email us at " " and let us know from you so we can continue to bring you the best experiences and updates.

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Browse Simply – A Savior Among Web Browser Apps
Over the last few decades, the internet has developed greatly and almost everyone (If not everyone) has access to it. These days, ever since the emergence of the Android OS, there has been a rapid growth of mobile internet users.
The Android OS has provided us with so many mouth-watering features that allow us enjoy the virtual world; the internet, that we now have. The Android OS is pre-installed with so many applications that will make you have a wonderful experience while you use it, and one of the most important features it has is the mobile web browser app.
The web browser is your primary key to access the internet, so it cannot be underestimated. However, most times, we don’t get everything we need from the pre-installed mobile web browser applications we have.
Well, all hope is not lost; there are other third party alternatives out there that will do the job perfectly for you. One little issue you may have with some free third party web browser apps is that they may not be strong enough to protect your online privacy, while they give you an awesome browsing experience at the same time.
Another thing that may make you reach boiling point are the endless pop-up ads, and some that create unlimited tabs without your permission. Trust me, I’ve been down that road and I know how exasperating it makes people feel.
Well, without much stories, this article will be providing you with a lasting solution to whatever problem you’ve had with other third party web browser applications. Before we proceed, I’d like to know if you’ve ever heard of “Browse Simply”.
Browse Simply is like the best browser you’ll ever make use of on your Android powered smartphone. Why I am so sure about this? I’ll tell you. Well, I love getting the most out of my phone, so I make use of the internet a lot. One thing I noticed was that after a while, these third party web browser apps simply stopped being “functional”.
By being functional, I mean the ability to stay sane while browsing the web, without some annoying ads taking over my browsing session; accessing stuffs a reasonable speed; allowing me do some private browsing and not zapping my data like free water (that’s not too much to ask for, is it?). Unfortunately, these could not be done by every web browser app I got.
This made me start looking for better alternatives, and I tried almost every app I could lay hands on, but none could do it for me. This however changed when I tried Browse Simply out.
Because of the sweet experience I got from making use of Browse Simply, I played detective to know more about the app, and here are some interesting things I found out about it.
Interesting Facts About Browse Simple
  • It is Pakistan’s first web browser app currently available for Android: Wait a minute, you were surprised it’s actually an app developed in Pakistan, right? Well, let me shock you more! Browse Simply was not only developed in Pakistan, but by the youngest Pakistani developer, Arsal Khan.

  • It has some unique features, just like UC Browser, Google Chrome, Opera Browser, Firefox, etc.

  • This app is also selected to the FbStart (Contest by Facebook. see

  • This app crossed 10,000 downloads on Google Play.

  • Max downloads are from USA, India and Pakistan.

Now that we have seen those cool facts, why don’t I get you acquainted with the mouth-watering features Browser Simply brings to the table.
Amazing Features of Browse Simply
For a free web application browser, browse simply, just like its name, is the best out there. I have taken my time to properly utilize all the features this application has and I can proudly say that my days of wanting to smash my phone on the wall are over.
Without a further delay, let’s quickly analyze the awesome features of browse simply:
  • Adblock: Several bloggers and website owners have decided to make their visitors go through hell (all for money) by implementing those annoying pop-ups that makes you wish you didn’t access those really important web pages.

Well, those days of getting menaced by pop-ups are over! With Browse Simply, you can literally “browse simply”. It comes pre-installed with the feature that allows you stop seeing those ads, either pop-up ads or banner ads.

  • Facebook notifications: Do you love being updated with happenings on your facebook timeline? Browse Simply has got you covered! Aside from browsing the internet, it will help you stay updated every time, by sending every notification from facebook to you.

This way, you can be doing something else on another application and be sure that you won’t miss a thing from your facebook profile.
  • Built-in video player for HD videos: Now this is one feature I love about the Browse Simply app. I believe you should, by now, understand that Browse Simply is not just another web browser application for your phone – it is better.

You don’t need to download an extra HD video player; Browse Simply has a built-in player that will enable you play any HD video.

  • Powerful download manager: Downloading comes as a very important thing you can’t do without. With Browse Simply, you can download heavy files without having to worry that it will crash.
Provided you have a stable internet connection, downloading with Browse Simply is easier than A-B-C. It is implemented with a really strong downloader that helps you get whatever you desire downloaded.

  • Lightweight: It will surprise you that despite the jaw-dropping features packed by this app, it doesn’t eat up your phone’s memory. Browse Simply has been designed to serve you awesomely, while taking little and almost unnoticed memory space on your phone.

  • Different layouts for phone and tablets: Browse Simply gives you a really responsive user interface. It doesn’t matter whether you are using a smartphone or a tablet, you will get a full, easy-to-use and fitting display.

  • Moveable to SD card: Browse Simply won’t install as a system application on your phone, so you have the ability to move it to your memory card. I am sure you won’t even see the need of moving it to your memory card because it doesn’t suck your phone memory.

But in case you need it on your memory card, it only takes a click.

  • Smart search: Are you the type who does a whole lot of research? Browse Simply’s smart search feature allows you to search for anything just by typing it out (without visiting Google or any search engine).
This comes in really handy when you need to search for something very important and you need it done immediately.

  • Speed mode: The days of having to wait for eternity before your desired web page opens up: Browse Simply’s speed mode makes web pages open faster than Barry Allen (Yeah, it’s faster than the flash!).

Simply type in your desired URL and you’ll need to hold onto something, because you’ll be blown away by its page loading speed.

  • Data save mode: Now this is one of the best features Browse Simply features. Who doesn’t like saving some data while they browse the internet? Well, I do, and I believe we belong to the same Team (The Smart Internet Users).
Browse Simply help you save data while you browse the internet. This way, your data lasts longer.
  • Private mode: Ever wanted to access a website and you would like to visit it anonymously without disclosing your cookies or browsing history? The solution is here!
Browse Simply comes with a feature that allows you access the internet without leaving a trace behind. The moment you hit the exit button, your private browsing session is over.
Browse Simply is definitely a browser you’d love to try out on your Android device. Visit the Google Play Store today to get it downloaded.

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aving no volume on your Microsoft Windows 10 PC can put your plans on hold off listening to your favorite singer music until you fix the problem. It happens out of the box and sometimes you cannot check out what on the earth has caused your PC volume to become mute.

Considering this, we have mentioned two automated Microsoft volume problem troubleshooters in this Microsoft Windows 10 support guide. These troubleshooters can simply apply the basic fixes and make the volume device work again. Here are some steps to fix the problem.
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ost of the gamers have heard of Asus and their popular series of gaming laptops. ASUS gaming laptops are running quiet and cool. The ASUS G551JW 15.6” should be on every ones list. Here is some of it cool specs.

If you want to be a gamer first you need to have an awesome gaming laptop with high performance processor chip, awesome graphics card and lots of internal system memory. In these days, gaming laptop comes with core i7 6th generation to 7th generation and hook up many Graphics processing units to get the definitive gaming performance.
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hese days, Internet and computer involvement is integral in every part of life, from school to higher organization, from health to astrophysics, and from small businesses to big enterprises you will feel it everywhere. Sense of restlessness come up with the breakdown of the Internet service, and existing without the social network appears to be quite odd.
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re you not able to install a new Microsoft Windows 10 update? Are you frequently being provided the similar update you installed earlier on your Windows 10, or a specific update is not installed and display an error message? These are common problems that Windows 10 users face while installing the updates.

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Where Laptops are concerned, the average time spent by the user on office, schools and
homes and also can be used between 10 hour to 12 hours per day. One can imagine the
amount of power drained by these laptops. If the battery hand over by the builder is not
exhausting, well and good but if it is exhausting faster, it is a matter of concern. now we are
suggesting you some very useful tips on how to save power and also boost the life of your
laptop's battery regardless of high or low capacitance.