iTunes deletes it own music - Apple announced bugfix

The gremlins has struck again: iTunes in some exceptional cases, deletes their own music from the hard drive, but Apple has now responded and announced a hotfix. In a hotfix, the problem will be addressed next week, the manufacturer promises.

itunes music deletes

What is this Bug?

In early May 2016 this story made headlines , after Apple announced to release a hotfix for this issue. Due to the bug, without order or confirmation from the user iTunes music deletes from hard-drive. As it clearly could not understand what was the reason - presumably it was an operator error during Restoring the iCloud database on the local computer, which led to the loss of data.

What is Apple Inc Saying?

Apple has now officially admitted that iTunes accidentally deletes music, which is then also no longer be restored , Next week, an update will be released which fixes the bug. This was confirmed by the company as told by iMore. In this Update security measures are to be incorporated, the future data loss are excluded. However, Apple also informed that the error in internal tests could not be traced. It will however take preventive measures to ensure that no more music without the consent of the user can be deleted. But it evidently appears to go to a fault affecting the desktop app and not the streaming service of Apple Music.

Apple asks all users who have suffered loss of data, to contact AppleCare. Take the advice very seriously. Presumably Apple will next week publish only a hotfix and not the promised iTunes 12.4 prefer with improvements to the user interface.