WhatsApp on MAC: How To use WhatsApp on MAC

In this article you will get to know how to use WhatsApp on MAC.

Mac whatsapp web

WhatsApp is one of the biggest messaging app on Android and iOS platform and everyone smartphone user will definitely know about this app. Billions of messages, pictures, audio calls and videos are being shared daily on whatsapp. 

As we all know that whatsapp is the property of Faceook inc. facebook owners are working hard to make its availability on almost every platform. There are also rumor's that whatsapp will soon release video calling option. Taking this advancement in knowledge, you might remember that whatsapp is already available for windows platform and now here is a big news for MAC user's as it can also available for MAC users. As we all know WhatsApp also erases the annual fee of 0.99$ few months ago.

So, if you ae MAC user, you will definitely wants it to be on your MAC. So here we can tell you how to use whatsapp on MAC. Follow the simple steps given below to enjoy whatsapp on MAC.

Here we go.

One important thing: you must have an active internet connection to use whatsapp on MAC, as it requires whatsapp web to use on MAC.

Step 1: Download the whatsapp messenger for MAC from here: WhatsApp.com. It will only support Mac OS X 10.9 or Higher.

Step 2: The downloaded file should be in the download folder. Double click on it and you'll be asked whether the app you want to move into your programs. Click "Move to Programs" if you want this.[in simple words, install it in your mac]

Step 3: The app is now ready and will take you to a QR code. Take your iPhone in your hand and open WhatsApp.

whatsapp on mac

Step 4: Open WhatsApp in your iPhone, Tap the "Settings" tab and then choose "WhatsApp Web".

Whatsapp web on mac
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Step 5: If you already have registered devices over WhatsApp Web , tap "QR code scan", otherwise the camera will start automatically.

Step 6: Hold iPhone camera in the direction of your Mac screen to the QR code.

Step 7: Congrats, now you can send and receive messages using WhatsApp on Mac.

WhatsApp work similar on MAC like on iOS devices. You can send, receive and read messages like on your iPhone.You can see your profile picture or change your status, create groups, send and receive messages and browse your chats. Changing Privacy settings however, are not possible.