5 Best anonymous proxy websites that are free

5 Best anonymous proxy websites that are free

Proxy website to unblock Facebook: In case, if you want to unblock your facebook account then you have to simply click on “proxy free” and it's automatically entered into the URL bar. Users send a request to the proxy service, which is conveyed to the website services. And proxy websites receive the message from the sites and reply to the user’s computer.

Proxy websites are designed for access the World Wide Web while keeping your identity anonymous. Basically, if you visit any sites from your PC the web server gets to know about your IP address. The internet protocol address can be used for tracking you and your activities on the internet. A proxy server is that server which is in between the client application and web browser. Proxy server helps in unblocking the blocked sites like whenever you face the error such as web page is not available or website/ URL has been blocked. In between that situation, if you still want to access the websites from a place where it is blocked then proxy websites are the best solution for this. With the help of different proxy websites and services, you can easily bypass the security through indirect connections.

Web sites are commonly blocked in the schools, workplace, office, and Facebook is the most common from all of them. Facebook proxy is separated from the anonymity. Facebook is mostly used by the different countries like Saudi Arabia, China and Pakistan. Through the proxy websites to unblock facebook, you can easily access it from anywhere.

Types of proxy

Transparent proxy
Anonymous proxy
Distorting proxy
High anonymity proxy

Some of the most famous proxy websites to unblock facebook and their services are listed below.

Best anonymous proxy websites that are free

Filterbypass.me: Filterbypass.me has the first rank in the list of proxy sites. It is completely free anonymous web service that allows the people in all over the world to access the proxy free internet. You can use it for unblocking the sites like twitter, facebook within a simple click.

Proxysite.com: Proxy site.com is another proxy service; it has the second rank in the proxy sites. Proxy sites .com it helps to protect your privacy provides more speed, more security and global access.

Proxify: Proxify is allowing its users to appear from 1300 different locations. It protects your identity and offers smooth suffering of restricted websites in a specific area.

Filter bypass: As illustrated from its name, you can use the services of this site to bypass the restriction security on specific websites. Just enter the web address in the site and they will fetch it from their own server.

Unblock my web.com: It is a good speed web service but along with some crap advertisements .it enables to access all of your favourite websites on the internet. So if you want to see what your friends are doing on Facebook, view your favourite shows on YouTube, your emailsFeature Articles, then it can do everything for you.

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